Women Aren’t Funny 16- Echo Kellum & Aggie Hewitt


In this first ever Alana Johnston only Barbara Walters-style interview, Alana brings Echo Kellum (Ben and Kate, Hot in Cleveland) into the Hottest New Club in LA -aka her apartment- and confronts him accompanied by good friend and sexually experienced Aggie Hewitt (a threesome, once). Confrontations! Three-part questions! Threesomes! Politics! This episode has everything you’d want and more from a podcast set in a nightclub apartment. Don’t forget to subscribe!



A big huge thanks to our friend Echo Kellum (Ben and Kate, @echok)

for coming out to the Hottest New Club in LA (Alana’s apartment) to get confronted by Alana Johnston and special sexually experienced guest Aggie Hewitt (a threesome, once)

 Stay tuned for Women Aren’t Funny’s FIRST Barbara Walters style interview.


Women Aren’t Funny Episode 15- Brad Morris

In our sugar cereal fueled “spin-off episode” episode, our friend Brad “Call out king” Morris (Second City, @MORRISCHI) gives the Women Aren’t Funny podcast new personas! Alana “The TUBE” Johnston with traffic, Mo-xologist Welch keeps us all drunk, and Emily “Johnny Dijiri Do” Candini helps bring stories together with some on point sound effect work. We all wonder why there aren’t more balls drawn on drunk friends and find out who’s who if they were The Avengers. If you’re looking to take the 314, DON’T! But DO Subscribe on iTunes!


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Oh dang! We hung out with Brad Morris!


No better way to celebrate reaching our kickstarter goal than with our friend BradMorris (@MORRISCHI follow him, you won’t regret it) and playing some slots in eucasino ! Tune in on WAF wednesday to find out who the Hawkeye (“hot guy?”) is of the group. Draw some balls on bathroom stalls while you wait.


It’s Jon Schnepp’s (Adult Swim’s Metalocalypse) birthday!! He’s a great friend of the podcast and we are so happy he was born! 

Remember when he came on our show?!

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Women Aren’t Funny 14- Katie Crown & Erin McGathy

With Emily Candini out for the night, Alana Johnston and Mo Welch invited always charming Erin McGathy (This Feels Terrible: The Love Show) and Katie Crown (Just For Laughs) into the rape den for our first ever PRANKS and GAMES episode. You just got S’up’d!

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Women Aren’t Funny 13- Prescott Tolk

A little while ago we were contacted by our talented comedian friend PRESCOTT TOLK about coming onto the pod to discuss the topic of Women Aren’t Funny and the over saturation of the topic in the media. We of course agreed, because we actually have never talked about the subject on the podcast, even if our name is WOMEN AREN’T FUNNY. 

Prescott is a good friend and a smart dude, listen in is as we talk about our views on the topic “women aren’t funny”.
Also, check out Prescott at http://www.prescotttolk.com/